Artificial Intelligence

Discover actionable insights in your business data


Data scientists spend 80% of their time capturing, cleaning and enriching data.

Prisma uses Machine Learning to automatically:

Find matching products (to compare prices, assortment and detect market trends).

Enrich product attributes and discover substitutes and complementary products.

Detect outliers to remove noise from the data.

So Retail executives can focus on decision-making based on suggestions generated by Prisma instead of spending lots of resources capturing, cleaning and enriching data.


Automatically identify patterns in your stores’ behavior in order to achieve a unified and optimized management.

Check if your current classification is the right one and which stores require your action to correct their profile.

Basket Analysis

Analyze ticket information in order to identify which products are being purchased together.

Use this information to optimize your assortment, shelf disposition, layouts and promotions.

Assortment suggestions

Customize your stores’ assortment by using Artificial Intelligence, generating suggestions for adding or removing products from each store.

Identify similar stores by product category in order to recommend adding high performing products and removing those not likely to succeed.

Article Information Autocomplete

Prisma uses AI to suggest attributes and category while adding or modifying product information.

Speed up the article management process and increase the precision and richness of your information.

Anomaly Detection

Automatically check potential errors in your data or market data using our anomaly detection algorithms.

Avoid taking wrong decisions based on innacurate data.

Product Matching

Match your products with those of your competitors.

Compare your product assortment, prices and promotions at the maximum level of detail in order to make the best decisions.

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