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Mystery Shopper App phone_android

Many retailers have problems capturing store data, detecting outliers and confirming that the shopper is performing his missions. This leaves retailers bereft of key competitive information to operate successfully and make decisions. Mystery Shopper is a Prisma module that allows you to create Missions for seamless price surveys.

  • Prisma Mystery Shopper has a powerful algorithm that detects outliers before you make any decision.

  • Track if the SHOPPER went to the store selected in the mission.

  • Capture Data: The APP will automatically send the data to Prisma when the Shopper ends a mission.

  • Make Decisions: Prisma will generate precise suggestions based on the data captured.

  • Create missions, survey market prices, and obtain product pricing suggestions.

  • Plan missions and audit your shoppers to reward top performers and replicate best practices.

Prisma Mystery Shopper app detects outliers
Track the SHOPPER
Capture Data
Make Decisions
New mission
Plan missions
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